El Pilar Copper-Gold Porphyry System

Porphyry System

A group of three copper-gold porphyry-deposits (El Pilar, Gaspar and San Nicholas) within the 17,800ha El Pilar concession were originally explored by Canadian mining companies in the 1990’s.

Mapping, soil sampling, aeromagnetics and 24,000m of shallow drilling was carried out on the gold-copper oxide deposit, and identified the exposures as being a large leached porphyry system.

The surficial hydrothermal alteration evident at El Pilar represents a classic porphyry phyllic cap and the dimensions of the phyllic alteration indicate the porphyry intrusions have large dimensions, and a depth greater than 1,000m.

The in-situ copper-gold sulphide mineralization of the target potassic porphyry core is interpreted to be immediately below the surficial phyllic cap and will be tested with deeper drilling, commencing in May 2023.

Aeromagnetic Survey El Pilar Porphyry System
Aeromagnetic Survey El Pilar Porphyry System

A cored drill hole into the outer zone of the El Pilar porphyry deposit undertaken by Antilles Gold averaged 1.23% Cu over its length of 134m from 49m and included 18.5m at 5.5% Cu. Mineralisation continued at depth.

Several bodies have been identified in a recent geophysical survey as being porphyry intrusives, with copper-gold mineralisation proven in recent drilling.

One large intrusive (Gaspar) has been interpreted as near surface with a strike length of +1,000m, and significant dimensions.

Aeromagnetic Survey El Pilar Porphyry System